“Surfaces unfold in an oscillating to and fro before the viewer, apparently trying to be their own reverse. [This creates a] strong sense of rhythmic play rather than formulaic rules."
- Briony Fer writing about the work of Lygia Pape

Investigating the potential for a novel place of inhabitation – literally the middle of the street – the Vine Houses develop with a single line that oscillates between movement and separation. This rhythmic play becomes a catalyst in the development of human expression and relaxation, leading to greater senses of community, intentionality, and wellbeing. 

The codes that dictate the architectural form of our homes and the cities they compose, are rooted in idiosyncrasies of the past. Advancements to large scale 3D printing have altered conventional residential building techniques and aesthetics. These tectonic innovations enhance the flow between the spaces of domestic interiority of the Vine Houses.




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