“Perhaps we will cling longest to the symbol of ‘house’ as we have known it, or perhaps we will realize that in accommodating ourselves to a new world the most important step in avoiding retrogression into the old, is a willingness to understand and to accept contemporary ideas in the creation of environment that is responsible for shaping the largest part of our living and thinking.”
- John Entenza, announcing the Case Study House program

Our domestic spaces are now subject to new demands. Preceding, though certainly amplified by new work-from-home initiatives, the home is no longer a place solely for family, dining and sleep. The home is also the school, conference room, shopping mall and public square. These myriad interactions with the greater community hosted through virtual meeting rooms require degrees of compartmentalization to limit interference between a home’s multiple occupants. The open floor plan now produces the circus. Delineated space allows various members of the habitation to engage in their social engagements simultaneously.  The design of the Untitled House attempts to re-imagine the spatial relationships of a single family residence.

Connecting to the larger community through the glow of a screen is not a replacement for the personal interactions that typically arise from school, work and gathering. While new attitudes toward work and education persist, we can reconnect with our terrestrial home by increasing our awareness of the vicissitudes of our environment. Making strong indoor/outdoor connections and harnessing the moods of atmosphere and daylight through the day and over the year can produce a bonding with our planet and make us aware that our decisions have consequences.





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