“The extraordinary can only be measured against the ordinary. If the dumb box, and all the predictability it embodies and symbolizes, is the ordinary, then we need it in order to transcend it, if that is what we choose to do. In the world composed only of the extraordinary, the only extraordinary thing to do would be to design a dumb box.”
- Lebbeus Woods, from Dumb Boxes

Building on our Flat Pack Quick Stack project, this project examines the Accessory Dwelling Unit. This version looks to terraced housing organizations to maximize indoor/outdoor connectivity. Refined in its proportions and articulation, Rigorous in the organization of apertures and cladding, this project has a sophisticated refinement uncommon most commercially available ADUs. 

Owing to the backyard / side entrance nature of the ADU, the entry discreetly slips into an otherwise mute facade, enabling privacy from the primary residence. The first floor hosts the living areas in an open plan configuration. The second floor has the bedroom with a private roof terrace.


The Back Yard


Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)


600 SF


In Development

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