Ornamate Shadows

"The shape of architecture is the shape of the earth as it is modified by the structures of mankind."
- Vincent Scully, from Architecture: The Natural and the Manmade

Orna-Mate Shadows is a competition entry for a temporary religious pavilion, known as a Sukkah, built during the Jewish festival of Sukkot in New York City’s Union Square Park. Governed by Jewish law, a strict set of rules covering everything from the type of materials used to the size and proximity of walls set the constraints for the Sukkah’s design. Our design uses these constraints to create a place of reflection and celebration highlighted by a production of complex atmospheric effects that express the transience of light and shadow.

The orientation and size of the rib sections, which constitute the walls, fulfill the requirements for shade during the day and visibility to the sky at night without the necessity of adding or subtracting material as the sun sets. Integrating the programmatic needs for dining, entertaining and rejoicing, the animation of these sections forms an expression of life – of continuity, movement and growth. The palm leaves act as ornamental protrusions, enhancing the language of growth while blurring the boundaries between manmade structure and nature.

More about the competition and entry at: http://www.sukkahcity.com/sukkah/orna-mate-shadows.php


New York, New York


Temporary Pavilion


Competition Entry

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