“The hollow dome is green with empty shade,
Struck through with slanted shafts of afternoon;
Aloft, a little rift of blue is made,
Where slips a ghost that last night was the moon;
Beside its pearl a sea-cloud stays its wing,
Beneath a tilted hawk is balancing.”
- Edward Rowland Sill, from Among the Redwoods

The Guerneville House currently exists as a ramshackle artist studio perched on the hillside above the Russian River. Divided into two units, the lower unit is currently inhabited by the client and the upper unit is in a state of disrepair – a hodgepodge of building elements assembled and reassembled over time. The project involves the disassembly of the upper unit and starting anew. 

Retiring from the culinary arts, the client is settling amongst the forest. Referencing the spatial qualities of the kitchens found at gothic cloisters, the primary living space chimneys upward toward a skylight that grasps whatever daylight filters through the towering redwoods. A central loft provides space for guests with a restroom and closet tucked below and provides a division between public and private realms.




Guerneville, California


Residential Addition


1240 SF


On hold

More Projects

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