“The shingled surface of the house as a whole is richly expressive of its interior volumes...”
- Vincent Scully, from The Shingle Style

Flat Pack Quick Stack is a proposal for an architecture composed of custom, factory fabricated wall and floor assemblies that arrive on site in shipping containers and are erected and inhabited much faster than site built construction. Architecturally, these residences aspire to hold their own beside the gravitas of the neighboring masonry buildings by presenting a monolithic and textured facade, avoiding the tell-tale signs of modular construction and the thinness that pervades contemporary cavity wall buildings. Spatially, the two unit row house is organized as an enfilade series of spaces that are bound on either side by vertical circulation or storage. Incorporating a rooftop photovoltaic array, we are targeting Net Zero performance.

Developed in partnership with InDwelligent, who is currently developing and testing a revolutionary system to enable one-off fabrication for near mass market prices. Wall, floor and roof assemblies are rationalized for shipping container transportation and erection sequencing. Arriving on site in only ten containers with windows, exterior cladding, insulation and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins, the pieces are quickly assembled, required inspections completed and precut interior finishes installed. With an estimated on-site schedule of 16 weeks, we want to minimize the disruption to the lives of the neighbors and block.


New York City, New York


Affordable Infill Housing


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