“The tales told by African fossil remains and prehistoric artifacts imply that the origins of technological innovation, symbolic thought, social networks, and our species all were impacted by the vicissitude and novelty of a restless environment.”
- Rick Potts, from What Will it Mean to be Human?

Imagine returning nearly twenty square miles of Silicon Valley back into orchards. Arena Respirator attempts to mitigate the worse effects of climate change through a combination of carbon sequestration and atmospheric removal comparable to a forest of 2,000,000 trees.

A large-scale porous mass-timber and CLT framework, this icon represents Silicon Valley by referencing the formal organizations of computer processors and the racks used to hold computer hardware. Visualizing the movement of air, the fans are equipped with LED light sources and are programmed to change color based rotational speed. This non-static approach to lighting becomes a dynamic installation that protects pilots and birds.


San Jose, California


Monument, Park


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